Heavenly Spa


Close your eyes and relax. You are in the most beautiful place on Earth, or...wait..you are no longer on Earth anymore! You are up in the clouds. You may call this place the Heavenly Spa. Here you can relax and restore your glow in a serene, peaceful ambiance. Enjoy a relaxing massage session. The aromatic herbal massage will relive the tension from your muscles. The sun rays will warm your skin and the moon dust will unravel you and restore your inner glow. You will feel like you're in Heaven, I bet. After the heavenly spa session you will enjoy a makeup session. Choose warm and lovely colors that will emphasize your natural beauty and will make you shine literally. Then pick a gorgeous outfit suited for an angel. We have have prepared a lovely wardrobe with loose pants, amazing dresses and charming tops. And to make you truly feel like an angel, we have some awesome pair of wings for you to choose from. You will feel just like in Heaven in this amazing new spa game called Heavenly Spa Day! Have a great time, girls!