Hello Kitty Hide And Seek


Hello Kitty has a great new idea for a fun activity with her friends. She called three of them for a fun day playing a great game, which I am sure you will adore. This game is called Hide and Seek and it's one of her favorite games to play, because she can spend time with her friends. There are many hiding places she wants to try and see if you can find her. The first place where they will play is the garden and there are so many places to hide here and it will be a great challenge to find her or the other friends. In the garden she can hide in the tree, under a bucket or other places which you must discover. The next room where they can hide, in Hello Kitty Hide and Seek, is the bedroom. Search everywhere, including the closet and keep in mind you only have ten tries, so don't waste them. The last playing room is the attic and this is the most challenging one. Hello Hello Kitty can hide inside a suit case, under an arm chair or behind a lamp. Try your best to find all of them and have a wonderful time playing the exclusive Enjoydressup game called Hello Kitty Hide and Seek!