Hero Coloring

Great stories are so great because they have been created by very talented writers, we have no right or talent to change them. Still, we definitely have the power to make those characters look different. In what way? Just play the hero coloring game and you will see! The great thing about this Zelda coloring game is that is give you the chance to pick your favorite hero from the four characters. Who should it be? I would say the second one from the upper line. You'll be surprised to see that he is already colored! Not to worry, you have the right to ignore the existing colors and come up with your own ideas! Playing the Zelda coloring game you get to impose your own personal vision of how a great hero should look like. Let's replace the standard green of his hat with a super shade of yellow and the brown of his little boots with a gorgeous marine blue. I leave the rest of the outfit to you. Play the Zelda coloring game and use the hints I have give you. What do you think it goes best with yellow and blue? The Zelda coloring game give you the chance to try several combinations till you're really sure your final choice is the best.