Hipster Wedding


The big day is finally here and Barbie and Ken are finally going to say YES. The wedding day is almost here and the happy couple is looking for a wedding planner, as they don’t want to have a traditional wedding. The couple wished to have a Hipster Wedding and maybe you might be able to make their dream come true, by organizing the most extraordinary wedding. It's time for you to get creative because you have many things to do. First of all, you must choose the location and decorate the place. A lake or the beach could be the perfect location, and the decorations must be unique. You can opt for interesting deco’s such as a bike filled up with flowers or old suitcases decorated with flowers. You also have to create Barbie's bridal outfit which has to be unique and most importantly, forget about traditions and be creative! Last but not least, the bride's maids also need to wear fabulous dresses. Have fun playing this fun new Hipster Wedding game!