Hitchhikers Guide For Princesses


Ariel wants to go hitchhiking and you can help her with some outfits in this cute new game called Hitchhiker’s Guide For Princesses! Ariel got bored from staying at home all day and decided she wanted to go see some new cities. She got her boyfriend and went outside, but she forgot they don’t have a car. Now, she has a plan, she wants to hitchhike to all the cities. She wants to visit Florida, Vegas and New York! Her plan is to find some cute outfits and hitchhike! Her boyfriend wants to go by plane, or car or even train. But Ariel doesn’t let it go his way. She co-opted you in her plan and you have to pick some cute outfits for her. Pick something you would like to wear on this kind of journey through your country with people you don’t know. Have fun playing this game and picking some cute outfits for Ariel!