Home of Baby Bear


Decorate the home of a baby bear however you like it in this exciting decoration game called Home Of Baby Bear! You have 4 rooms to let your imagination run wild in this cute decoration game. Help a family of cute bears get a new beautiful home and decorate it however you like. You can choose between 4 different places from their home to decorate. After you are done with decorating one place, you can go to the next one, until the full bear house looks beautiful. Decorate a kitchen, a bedroom, a hall and the yard to look perfect for this cute family of bears. Choose witch room will be the kitchen and put a sink, some windows and food drawers. Don’t forget about the table and some chairs. Build a bedroom for the bear family and a hall way that connects the two rooms. You can go outside and decorate a garden for the bears, where they could have fun and drink lemonade. They thank you so much for your decorating skills and are happy you helped them!