Horse Grooming Salon

I have some very good news for you! There is a new horse grooming salon that recently opened and you have the chance to see what horse grooming is all about. First up, before the grooming part begins, you have to choose your favorite horse and then get to work. The grooming of the horse starts with cleaning up the place where he lives in. You move on to washing the adorable horse with a special shampoo, specially made for him and then rinse him with water. Wipe the water with a towel so that you can dry him faster and you can brush him up to look fabulous. The horse's grooming continues with a good washing of the teeth and then replacing the horseshoes. Don't forget to solve his health problems, feed him and also give him some water to drink. In the end you just have to pet him to feel your love and you are done. Enjoy Horse Grooming Salon!