How To Be A Cute Student


Amy never understood why the other popular girls never talk to her. She's been trying to be friend with them but the girls keep avoiding her. In this fun new How To Be A Cute Student game you need to teach Amy how to be a cute and popular student. First, she needs a complete change of look. She need to take a batter care of her facial beauty and you could teach her how to dress up and be fashionable. Let's give her a facial beauty treatment and when you are done give a nice shape to her eye browns using the tweezers. Create her a new makeup and style up her hair as well. Last but not least, choose a nice outfit for her to wear at college. I think that the white and red top and a red skirt would look great on her, same as the lovely blue dress. Complete her look with lovely accessories and jewels. With your help Amy will be in the center of attention at college. Have fun playing this game called How To Be A Cute Student!