Ice Princess Hospital Recovery


Hey ladies! I am sure you know how adventurous can Frozen Anna be. When she puts her mind to something you cannot talk her down. In this Ice Princess Hospital Recovery game she was out skiing and she ventured in a very dangerous zone. Anna took a pretty bad fall and she injured herself. Now, she is in pain and she needs to go to the hospital to get medical treatment. Can you join her and take care of her? I am sure Anna would really appreciate it. First give her a hospital robe and a pill to make her pain manageable. After that, remove the ice shards form her leg and hands. Use a disinfectant to clean her wounds so they don’t get infected. In Ice Princess Hospital Recovery you need to take an x-ray to determine if she has any broken bones after her accident and bandage the area to make sure the bones heal correctly. Poor Anna will need a cast as well on her leg, but soon after that she will be healthy. Enjoy playing this Ice Princess Hospital Recovery game!