Ice Queen Mommy Real Makeover


Elsa and her daughter need some time off and you can help them have a wonderful time in this cute game called Ice Queen Mommy Real Makeover! Elsa and her daughter are really busy girls and they need some time off so they came to your spa. You are known in the land for how relaxed everybody feels after your makeovers. Elsa is a busy mom, having a job, a house, a husband a daughter to take care of. Her daughter is also very busy, having school and playing around with all her friends all day long. So they came to you for a facial treatment and a full makeover. You will have to apply all sorts of lotions to their skin to make them look and feel beautiful. After the spa time is over, you can makeup Elsa. After you are done with the makeup you can give them both a cute outfit. They are so glad that they came to you and they feel so relaxed. They will surely return to have a great time with you again.