Ice Queen Mountain Resort Spa


Elsa needs a fun relaxing day, so in this Ice Queen Mountain Resort Spa game she has decided to go to a mountain resort spa. The fresh air will enhance the effects of the treatments and will also offer her a gorgeous view. Start by applying a delicate face cleanser and then a rejuvenating body lotion. Pop out her pimples, use a pair of tweezers to define her eyebrows and apply a nourishing body mask with white flowers that will bring out a natural glow. Then you can apply a pretty lipstick, colorful eye shadow, a feminine blush, volumizing mascara and contact lenses. Then you can style her hair in a creative way adding ribbons and snowflake accessories to it, dress her up in a gorgeous queen worthy outfit which you can accessorize with a beautiful necklace. Have a lovely time playing this fun game called Ice Queen Mountain Resort Spa!