Ice Queen Wedding Tailor


Elsa is getting married. Sounds great, right? She is very excited and she can’t wait to have a great time at the wedding. She has decided to use her amazing skills as a tailor and design her future husband’s suit. Help her in the game called Elsa Wedding Tailor! Before the design begins you need to help her clean the workshop and find a few missing items. Find the great scissors, needles, comb, magic wand and measuring tape. After you have found them all you need to clean the floor with the broom and remove all the dust from the floor. In Elsa Wedding Tailor you can now design a gorgeous Frozen suit for the future groom. Try a very cool white suit with golden details on the sides. Use the measuring tape to measure the groom and tailor the suit accordingly. Add extra cut details and then brush his hair with a big comb. Enjoy the game called Elsa Wedding Tailor!