Inside Out Emotion Frenzy


If you are as big a fan of Inside Out as we are, you will surely love this brand new game called Inside Out Emotion Frenzy. We all know how many emotions a person can have and how easily we can get upset but just as easily become happy or angry. Inside Out Emotion Frenzy allows you to have fun while seeing the variety of emotions Riley has. She is at dinner with her family and the dining room is filled with objects that can make Riley happy, sad, angry, afraid or disgusted. Move through the room and click on the various objects to see what reaction they trigger. How does Riley feel about moving again? How does a steamy broccoli pizza make her feel? Is Riley afraid of spiders? Only one way to find out! As you trigger more reaction you unlock emotions, one at a time. Browse the room and click all objects until you have unlocked all of Riley’s emotions. How fun! Test to see if Riley’s reactions and emotions to the things in the room match yours! Inside Out Emotion Frenzy is the super fun game you will love to share with your friends so have fun with it!