Ivy League Makeover Harvard


Getting to study at Harvard sure is not easy, but once you get there, keeping up with the high standards is equally difficult! My friend Carrie just got admitted to Harvard and she is a little worried that she might need a makeover. Have fun playing our new game called Ivy League Makeover Harvard and help my friend Carrie get ready to be among the smartest and most beautiful girls in the world! This new great game comes with an amazing variety of colors and patterns for the Harvard uniform as well as all sorts of cute and stylish accessories to match them. But first, our smart and pretty girl will have to go through an entire facial beauty treatment if she wants to look perfect for her first classes at Harvard. Then, after her face is all clean and healthy, put the best make up on, choosing the prettiest colors to match her uniform. Have fun taking her through all the facial beauty treatment and makeup steps and afterwards show her which hairstyle and hair color best fits her figure and her uniform. Choose the right glasses to match her face shape as well as the nicest accessories. Enjoy playing our game Ivy League Makeover Harvard!