Jack And Elsa Perfect Wedding Pose


Jack and Elsa are such an amazing couple! They are so in love with eachother so the step Jack decided to make came as no surprise. He invited Elsa to a wonderful date and he decided to propose to her. Of course, Elsa said yes and the couple couldn’t be happier. Now they must organize the wedding and Elsa, being the fashionista that she is, decided to take care of the outfits first. Would you like to be their stylist on this special day? Play Jack And Elsa Perfect Wedding Pose here on Enjoydressup and start by designing the outfit for Jack. Choose a shirt, a jacket and a pair of trousers for him and add a bowtie or a tie. Next, move on to styling Elsa and choose the most amazing wedding dress for her, add jewelry, a bouquet and a beautiful veil and watch as she becomes the most beautiful bride. Have fun with this game here on Enjoydressup!