Jasmine In Fashion Magazine


Have fun turning Jasmine into a fashionista for her new job and enjoy playing Jasmine In Fashion Magazine! Searching for a new job is tough, but once you have found it you can work really hard and be appreciate for it. Jasmine was looking for a long time for her most wanted job, being a fashion editor at an important magazine. Now she has managed to get this amazing job, but this is not enough. Working in the fashion industry requires keeping up with the trends and looking stylish. So she has to also change her style and look, could you help her out? Start by choosing the perfect makeup for her and then make sure her outfit stands out. Pick up a lovely dress for Jasmine or choose a top to match with a studs skirt. Make sure she also has an appropriate hairstyle for the job. Jasmine looks fashionable and she can prove her other skills at the job now. Have fun girls!