Jasmine Lamp Makeover


Jasmine is ready to clean up the genie's lamp and she requires your help. You need to join her and clean up the lamp and then you can help decorate it. In Jasmine Lamp Makeover you need to start by gathering a few things such as broom, paint bucket, brush and other things. This is very important because you need to make sure, you and Jasmine, have all the supplies necessary for the clean up. In Jasmine Lamp Makeover you need to place the garbage in the bin and the dirty clothes in the basket. Clean the floor and make sure the lamp is sparkly clean before you start decorating. In Jasmine Lamp Makeover you should use paint in different colors, patterns and stickers to redecorate. Paint the walls, floor, closet, curtain and bed sheets. Use fun patterns to create a lovely atmosphere and a fun place to live. Have fun playing Jasmine Lamp Makeover!