Jessie's Winter Fashion


Discover Jessie's Winter Fashion look by going through her make-up products and wardrobe and testing them one by one! Then help her decide what to stick with. For the make-up part, she is very into matte lipsticks lately and you should try out some darker shades. Her eye shadow is not as strong, but you can still choose between different colors. Complete her look with a feminine blush, mascara and contact lenses. Then style her hair and think about some new modern cuts or curls. Because it is cold outside, a knitted hat would work just as well. For her outfits go with winter prints on leggings, denim shorts, ladylike pearls, fringes on a skirt or knitted long cardigans. Accessorize her look with a maxi handbag and a pair of chic sunglasses. Have a lot of fun!