Kitty at the Dentist


Kitty is a cute baby cat who eats everything she finds. She goes to the park and asks for food, but all that junk food destroyed her little sensitive teeth. Now she needs to go at the dentist to have her cavities removed and healthy and white teeth again. First clean the tartar from the teeth, then wash them with a tooth brush. Kitty has so many cavities so remove them because they give her so much pain she can't sleep. It's time to extract the tooth that can't be saved. Use the utensils to remove them and replace them with new ones. As the dentist you did a great job, but you are not finished until you whiten the teeth. Now the teeth looks healthy again and kitty is pain free. To finish the dentist appointment you can decorate the teeth with cute details such as a red rose of butterfly. Enjoy Kitty at the Dentist!