Kitty Hospital Recovery


The cute Kitty fell while playing outside and now she needs some medical attention in this fluffy new game, Kitty Hospital Recovery! Kitty went on a stroll on her roller blades through her favorite park. She wasn't paying attention on the sidewalk and fell. Now she doesn't feel so good and needs some medical attention. You'll have to help her. You are a great doctor and Kitty is really grateful that she found you. Remove all of her splinters, and tend to her wounds. You have to disinfect them and bandage them. Don't forget about the cast, so that she will heal quickly. You will even use an x-ray machine to see if she has broken bones, and you will heal them. Kitty will try to stand still while you are helping her, even though sometimes it hurts her. Kitty promises that she will be more careful in the future and thanks you that you made her feel better!