Kitty Room Prep


Talking Angela needs your help to tidy up her room and find a cute outfit in this cute new game called Kitty Room Prep! Talking Angela has been very busy lately and she didn’t have the time to tidy up her place. She was busy with work and friends but now she has some free time and she wants you to help her a little with some housework. First, you’ll have to help her fix the messy room. All kinds of objects lay around on the floor and you have to pick them as fast as you can. You will need these objects later when you will help her redecorate the room and choose a cute outfit for her. It’s time to start decorating: pick up a cute outfit for Talking Angela and a cute makeup. Don’t forget about a hairstyle, you can pick the one you like and that goes well with her outfit. When Angela looks beautiful, it’s time to decorate the house. Pick a cute window, a beautiful wallpaper and a nice desk or a game machine. Now, thanks to your help, Angela and her room look as beautiful as ever!