Kitty Spa Makeover


Hey girls, can you help lovely Lina take care of her new pet in this fun Kitty Spa Makeover game. Lina found a cute kitten wondering on the streets and she decided to adopt the kitty. She took the lovely kitten home and now Lina is waiting for her parents to arrive and show them her new pet. Will they let her keep it she wonders? Maybe if you could help Lina give a bath to her kitty and make her look and smell nice, her parents will let her keep the kitty. Let’s start by giving this kitten a bath, then you have to dry and brush her fur. Make sure to wash her teeth and cut her claws and apply perfume and powder so the kitty can smell nice and her fur to be fluffy. Once done, take some time to play with the cute kitten before helping Lina to find some nice accessories for her new pet, such as a glitzy bow and a lovely necklace. Have fun playing this new Kitty Spa Makeover game!