Lady Bunny Clean Up

With Easter just around the corner, lady Bunny has started a major cleanup session all throughout her burrow house in the forest, but time is ticking away and there are so many rooms to be cleaned up, so do you think you could give her a helping hand? There will be no such thing as mopping the floor, cleaning the gas range or causing yourself back pains from bending over to pick up all those make up products scattered on he bedroom carpet. When you play the lady Bunny's house clean up game, all you'll need is your trusty mouse and and a lot of enthusiasm and, with a few drag and drops and a few mouse clicks, you'll become miss Bunny's superheroine helping, her to get her house sparkling clean in no time. Good job, you, now our sweetie here will be so proud to greet her wild animal friend guests for a nice Easter dinner in her shiny clean house!