Ladybug And Elsa Pregnant BFFs


Ladybug and Elsa are super best friends and they were beyond excited to find out that they got pregnant at the same time. That was great news for them because now they will be able to have their children grow up together and they can also take care of their pregnancies together. There are a lot of things to take care of when you are pregnant so the two girls will definitely need help making sure that their babies stay happy and healthy. If you would like to help the girls out play Ladybug And Elsa Pregnant BFFs here on our website and start by giving the girls their prenatal vitamins. Fruit is super healthy so have them eat some and then give them a sweet treat. The babies love to listen to music when they are in the womb so play some tunes for them. Have fun playing Ladybug And Elsa Pregnant BFFs!