Ladybug Glittery Makeup


Ladybug has some skin problems and needs your help in this cute makeup game called Ladybug Glittery Makeup! You are the only one that she can trust to help her. She has to participate in a makeup contest and you have to do the perfect makeup so that she would win. First, you’ll have to get rid of all the impurities on her face. She has some pimples and some hair here and there, which is normal, but she has to have a clean face for the makeup. After you are done with cleaning her face, it’s time to do the makeup. Make something special for the contest, and she will surely win. Start with a concealer and continue with some eye makeup. Use eye shadow and make her eyelashes look cute. Now comes the really cute part: you’ll have to apply some face painting. Pick the ones you like and give her a cute face painting. Thanks to you, she will have a great time at the contest and she will surely win!