Last Minute DIY Dress


Hey girls! Meet Elize, a young entrepreneur. She was invited to a very fancy gala but she has nothing to wear that is suitable for this event. She needs your help in creating a last minute dress. Elize has seen some YouTube tutorials so she has a few ideas how to make a DIY last minute dress. Look around the room for ideas and find a suitable fabric for the dress. Depending on the fabric you choose you can make a different model of dress. Follow all the steps and the hints from Elize and help her create the most awesome last minute dress. The dress needs some extra sparkle, of course! Look around the room for ideas and see what you can find to accessorize the dress. For example you can take the roses from the vase and place them in her hair, or on the dress, take some beads and place them on the dress belt or anything sparkly that can make a difference. I am sure you will create the perfect look for Elize and she will shine bright like a diamond at the gala. Everyone will admire her dress, as she will wink and remember how easy this was to make. Have fun, girls!