Lego Elves Dragon Care


Hey girls, are you ready for a fantastic time spent with the cutest elf and her dragon? In this new Lego Elves Dragon Care game Aira and her faithful and beloved dragon called Gust need your help after having an accident. Aira is the wind elf who is a fast thinker, inventive and bright but sometimes she likes to overreact just like today, when she tried to fly through a waterfall with her dragon. They didn’t noticed the rocks on the other side and now the dragon is seriously injured. Help Aira make him feel better by giving him a bath and getting reed of the seaweed and brunches. Then use an herbal mix to heal his injuries and feed him with a basket of fresh fruits. The dragon will feel so much batter and you can accessorize him and Aira so they can go back on their adventure. Have fun playing Lego Elves Dragon Care!