Little Doctor At The Dentist


Tooth pain is really uncomfortable and annoying, especially for a cute boy. I am sure you know how important it is to brush our teeth in order to have clean and healthy teeth. This cute little doctor didn’t do that and now she needs to go to the dentist, because he has cavities and other tooth problem. Can you be his doctor for the day and help him? I am sure this little doctor will appreciate your help a lot. Start the Little Doctor At The Dentist game and discover the dentist utensils and tools that you can use to perform the healing medical procedures. Before anything else you should wash his teeth with a tooth brush and tooth paste. Now that the teeth are clean, move on and start removing the cavities and then you can whiten the teeth. In Little Doctor At The Dentist you can use your incredible doctor skill for healing and I hope you enjoy this super cool game called Little Doctor At The Dentist!