Your favorite character Maleficia is back with a brand new makeover adventure! She is ready for a gorgeous makeover and a cute new outfit. Maleficia has decided to spend some time applying a new make up and choosing an amazing outfit. It's very important for her to have a cute hairstyle as well. She will guide you trough her favorite beauty products and all you have to do is choose the best ones for her. Start by choosing a cute new hairstyle and her signature hat with horns. Selecting a cute outfit might be a challenge, but you have many choices and it's a good idea to pick the strapless purple bustier. Maleficia loves dark colors for her make up and a great deep red eye shadow and a dark pink lip stick are a great choice. A cute blush and a powerful staff and Maleficia's look is finished. Maleficia is really grateful for your help in this amazing game!