Manhattan Shopping Spree


Meet Alicia, a convinced fashionista and shopaholic! As you might have guessed, Alicia's hobby is shopping. She likes checking every store and she knows every fashion trend! Her best friend, Greg is joining her every time. He even comes up with the best fashion advice. Alicia appreciates his opinion very much and also his fashion style. Today, they want to go for a shopping spree in Manhattan. That sounds like a lot of fun, right girls? Maybe you can join them too, and suggest the trendiest clothes for Alicia to buy. First you will have to go to the fashion store and choose a lovely dress for Alicia. You can try all of them but buy only one, Make sure you make the right choice. Then hurry to the shoe store, hair salon and jewelry store. Make sure you choose something really beautiful for our pretty fashionista. Greg will be there too and he will show you the way to the stores. I'm sure you will find this adventure in Manhattan very exciting and you will love your shopping spree day! Play this fun new game and enjoy a fabulous shopping day!