Mansters Valentine's Makeover


Do you think that only girls have to get ready for Valentine's day? Boys care just as much about their appearance and they too have to look good for their Valentine's Day dates. The guys from Monster High are getting ready for Valentine's day. So do you want to play this game on Cutezee called Manster Valentine's Makeover and help them get all cleaned up for the big day? If so, start by getting their hair and beards all cleaned up. Go on and give them a cool, clean haircut and decide if you want them to have a beard or not. They can have hair in different colors so don’t be afraid to experiment with that. After you are satisfied with their look move on to the outfit. They need something modern yet elegant so that they will impress their dates. You will also have some accessories to choose from so don’t be afraid to make them look extra stylish by adding a colorful bowtie or a fancy beret. This Manster Valentien's Makeover is a fun, different dressup game where you get to have a change of pace by styling boys. Cutezee brings you the best dressup games so have fun here!