Masha And The Bear Injured


Masha and the Bear are on yet another adventure! Bear has gotten into trouble after wondering off too far! He has injured himself while he was exploring the woods and now he is back home all hurt and tired. He feels really bad and he needs some help to feel better. Would you like to help him feel better? Well then play Masha and The Bear and see what you can do to make Bear feel better. You will have to use all sorts of instruments and treatments to make bear feel better again. Start by cleaning off the dirt with a cloth and then use a stethoscope to listen to his heartbeats. He will need eyedrops and also he needs the thorns removed from his skin. Put band aids on his scratches and sanitize them and then use an x-ray machine to see if he has any broken bones. Bandage his injuries and see Bear heal right before your eyes. He is all better now, thanks to you! If you had fun with this game come play more on Enjoydressup!