McStuffins Foot Doctor


Oh no! Poor Doc McsStuffins had a bad accident with her bike and hurt her foot. She is not feeling well at all and needs to go to the doctor for an exam and treatment. The foot doctor will be able to help her feel better really fast with the proper treatment for her wounds. Doc McStuffins will feel better if you join the foot doctor and help with her healing and treatment. First use the ice cub to remove the blisters, which her hurt a lot. Using the pliers to remove the painful splinter from her toe. She should be feeling better already, but you should still bandage the wounds, apply powder to wound, a disinfectant for the bacteria in her toe nail and an injection for infections. It's a good idea to take good care of Doc MsStuffins because she is in so much pain, crying and waiting for her wounds to be healed. Enjoy McStuffins Foot Doctor!