Meet The Parents


When you are young and in love, you spend all your time with the boy you love and you do your best to make them happy. Those crazy butterflies in your stomach take away your sleep and make you dream of Happily Ever After. Still, there are no emotions greater than the ones a girl feels when it's time to meet the parents. This casual lunch or dinner date when your boyfriend takes you to meet the parents is a very stressful moment, since you must look great, talk right, eat just enough and make the best impression any girl before you ever made. Hid dad might like you from the start, but we all know moms are a little more difficult to win over. The super cute girl in our facial beauty game knows that and she is planning on getting a makeover for this very special occasion. She wants her skin to look great so she will start her makeover with some facial beauty treatments. There's no way she will meet the parents with her face covered in red spots and pimples. Help her with her special facial beauty treatments and then make sure you pay extra attention to her outfit. She needs to wear a cute dress that is fashionable and trendy, but not too extravagant. You must not wear leather pants when you meet the parents unless the parents are rock starts, ladies! Enjoy our facial beauty game called Meet the Parents Makeover, ladies!