Menagerie Manager


Do you love going to the zoo? I bet you do! Animals are great and going to the zoo and seeing so many exotic animals that you don’t normally get to see is so much fun! Did you ever think about wanting to take care of those cute animals? If you would like to do that this new game published on Enjoydressup called Menagerie Manager will allow you to do that. You haveto earn points by feeding the animals and by cashing tickets from the visitors. Also, you will have to carry with you food and water for the animals and give it to them when they need it. This will earn you points and cashing in tickets will earn you money. As you win more points and more money, you will have the chance to buy more animals like crocodiles, a deer or even an elephant. This is a super fun game and you will surely play for a long time, as you want your zoo to be as big as it can be. Have fun with Menagerie Manager and find more fun games on Enjoydressup!