Merida Dress For Less


Help Merida Dress For Less by shopping cute outfits inspired by runway models using a restraint budget!  Merida is a girl that really wants to be fashionable, so she has pinned a lot of cute photos of this season's designer outfits that have walked on the runway. She really wants to recreate them, but her budget is not that big. Picking up the right items being mindful of her budget is the right step to take. Help her out and dress her up! You can play this fun game in challenge mode or freestyle mode. In the first one, you can choose between three fabulous trends: 80s inspired, Victorian or Floral! They are all super chic this fall! For each style you have three amazing looks that you can choose from. Then take Merida shopping and carefully spend your money on items you need for the outfit you want to recreate. You can always use the hint to see how well you have done. Be careful to pick the right accessories too. Good news though, all the hairstyles are free! In the end Merida will tell you how well you have done. Then use your imagination and mix and match all the items in the freestyle mode. Enjoy playing Merida Dress For Less!