Mermaid Princess Nails Spa


Ariel loves everything nautical inspired and she wants to try out the latest trends regarding the manicure. Help her get the most amazing manicure and relax at the spa by playing Mermaid Princess Nails Spa. Join her at the spa and help have a wonderful day there. Play this new game called Mermaid Princess Nails Spa and start by applying a mask on her hands to moisturize them. Then get a new shape for the nails, cut them and then use the pile to make the surface of the nails shine. Brush them and rest the hands in the water with flower ingredients on top for a couple of seconds. Enjoy the next fun part where first of all you need to choose you like the most, then pick a colorful print for the nails or just a simple color to get a nice manicure. Add other accessories such as bracelets or rings. Enjoy!