Mermaid Princess Real Makeover


Ariel is in need of a makeover and she wants you to help her in this cute and exciting new game called Mermaid Princess Real Makeover!  She is really stressed by her underwater life and really wants to transform herself. She knows you are her best friend and you would help her. Conveniently you also have the best spa in the underwater kingdom and that helps. She comes to you for a makeover and you gladly accept to help her. Start with her face, and apply all kind of lotions to make it smooth and beautiful. After you are done, and she looks as beautiful as ever, you can use your make-up skills and give her a cute make-up. Find a beautiful new outfit for her and you are done. All the oceans and the seas will marvel at Ariel’s beauty thanks to you. All her friends will come to your cool salon and everyone under the water will know how talented you are. Have fun playing this game end making Ariel look as beautiful as ever!