Messy Barbie


Barbie is a very active and adventurous girl. She loves to try new things and go to new place to have fun. But today, she got dirty while doing something amazing. She needs to head home and clean up. Can you join her in Messy Barbie and help her? I am sure she would appreciate your help a lot. First, remove the dirty dress and place it in the laundry basket. Use the tweezers to remove the small pieces of wood from her beautiful blond hair. With a soft brush clean her body of any pebbles. Check her arm and legs and make sure you take them all down. Now, in Messy Barbie, it's time to wash her body with soap and sponge. To unlock the sponge play a find the differences between two pictures game. Wash her body and make sure you rinse with plenty of water. She has a few wounds and you can treat them with a medicinal spray. Enjoy Messy Barbie!