Mia Cooking Ice Cream Banana Split


Hello ladies! Do you like cooking? I am sure you do and today we have a great recipe for you. It’s called Ice Cream Banana Split and I am sure you will love it, because it is truly delicious. In this recipe you will use many fresh fruits so go to the market and make sure you buy the best ones.  For this cooking session Mia will be your guide, because she knows this recipe very well and you will see it is really tasty and great. Let’s not waste time and begin the Mia Cooking Ice Cream Banana Split game. First cut the fruit into small pieces using a knife. You will pineapple, strawberry and bananas. Some peanuts will give a great taste so add some for extra flavor. In Mia Cooking Ice Cream Banana Split you need to make three different ice cream mixtures with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavor. I hope you enjoy this fun game called Mia Cooking Ice Cream Banana Split!