Mia Cooking: Spicy Beef Burger


Hello ladies! It's time to learn a brand new cooking recipe that I am sure you will adore because it is very tasty. It's called Spicy Beef Burger and your guide for the day will be Mia. She wants to teach you this recipe in the Mia Cooking: Spicy Beef Burger game! There are many exciting steps you need to do and remember that the best food is make with fresh ingredients and great condiments. Let's select the necessary kitchen utensils, such as cutting board, knife, vegetables and meat and start cooking! First, cut the potatoes and garlic, red spicy peppers and tomato. When you are finished with the vegetables, take the piece of beef and cut it. Add to the mixture some onions and then grind it. The Mia Cooking: Spicy Beef Burger recipe continues by frying the burgers. Have fun palying this great game called Mia Cooking: Spicy Beef Burger!