Mini Tortilla Taco


How would you like to try being a full time mom for a day? This means that besides taking care of a child, you have to cook and prepare the lunch for the entire family? Are you ready to try it out? Today's menu: Mini Tortilla Taco! This is a very delicious Mexican food which can be made with beef, pork, cheese and vegetables and if you add salsa, avocado or guacamole and tomatoes you will have the yummiest meal ever. So let's get started and take baby Mia to the kitchen with you. To make this easier, you will have to follow the instructions. Chop the meat, cheese, vegetables and prepare the sauce and fillings. While cooking, you will also have to pay attention to baby Mia, who gets hungry and wants to play. At the end of this day, you will be very proud of yourself. Have fun playing this new Mini Tortilla Taco cooking game!