Minions Coloring Book


Hey girls! Get ready for a very fun game called Minions Coloring Book! You will be required to use all your creative skills and color a few minions with the brightest and most beautiful colors. Are you ready to start? Don't waste time and begin the game called Minions Coloring Book! You can choose from different styles of minions and create the one you like best. You can use different tools to color such as pen or brush. To remove the color use an eraser or a sponge. From the palette of colors you can choose colors such as shades of blue, pink, red, green or yellow. Use the pen or brush to apply the color on the minion. In Minion Coloring you can save your designs when you are finished and you can try all of them for extra fun. Enjoy the game called Minions Coloring Book and use all the colors of the rainbow!