Minnie Mouse Surprise Cake


Hello girls! Today we will cook and bake my all time favorite cake recipe called Minnie Mouse Surprise Cake! This cake is absolutely delicious, with a great flavor and amazing decoration. Another great thing about this Minnie Mouse Surprise Cake is that making it so much fun and easy, and the decoration will look incredible. You should make it and share it will all your friends because they will love the shape and taste very much. Cooking this cake it's very easy, but you will need a few ingredients and kitchen tools ready to be used. The recipe has a few steps that you must follow to the letter, but don't worry because I will guide thought it. First make the batter using flour, butter, sugar and baking powder. You will need cake layers so divide the batter in to two baking trays and put them in the oven. Discover the next steps and have fun playing Minnie Mouse Surprise Cake!