Miraculous Hero Design Rivals


Help Ladybug make her awesome costume in this fast paced and super cute new game called Miraculous Hero Design Rivals! Ladybug must finish her costumes in time so she could fight villains and protect civilians. You must me quick and agile in the making of her costume so that she will not get caught. You have to help her make 3 costumes to fight the bad guys. She needs 3 of them because as you know, fighting the bad guys isn't always easy, and sometimes the costumes get messy. So, she needs to be prepared in case any bad guy wants to do something evil. Move quick and don't let anybody see you making the costume, or she will have to fight in ragged clothes, and you know it's not cool for a superhero to protect the citizens this way. She needs to look cool and fierce in front of the bad guys and inspire people with her bravery and her cute looks!