Miraculous Ladybug Flu Doctor


Play Miraculous Hero Flu Doctor and give the right treatment to Ladybug so she can go back out there and save the city! Ladybug is fighting a lot of villains and today she fought Stormy Weather. Unfortunately, Ladybug came out of this battle frozen and now she needs your help as her doctor to heal her. First you have to do your best and melt the ice around her and a radiator could be very helpful. Use a stethoscope to listen to her heart beats and see if she is ok. Then take her temperature. Oh, no, she has a flu! Some cough syrup will help with her throat and an oxygen mask will make those headaches go away. She should have a napkin close at all times so she can blow her nose. Once healed, she can go back into battle and save the city from Stormy Weather! Good luck!