Miraculous Ladybug Hospital Recovery


Miraculous Ladybug was on a mission when she was attacked and she got injured. She is now really hurt and is in serious need of medical treatment. Play Miraculous Ladybug Hospital Recovery here on our website and help Miraculous Ladybug get better. First, you will have to change her into a hospital robe so it will be easier to treat her and then give her some pills to relieve the pain. Next, pluck out the thorns from her body and disinfect the resulting wounds. You will also need to bandage the wounds. Next, take an x-ray of her body to see if she has any broken bones. Fix the ones that you find to be broken and then apply a cast so they will heal properly. Good job! Now Miraculous Ladybug feels good again and she is ready to go back to being the lovely princess we all know and love. Have fun with this game!