Model Mania 2


Every girls dream is to be a model and have her picture on the cover of a magazine. These three girls, Bella, Ellie and Jessica, will continue to pursue their fashion careers and win the amazing chance to be on the cover of the school magazine. Their will need to complete five more fashion challenges in the exciting game called Model Mania 2! You can help them create the most beautiful and fashionable outfits by using your creative skills. Pick your girl from the three and pop stars to win points and unlock poses for the photo shoots. The first challenge is the prom. For such a glamorous event you will need to buy a fancy dress, high heels shoes and some cute accessories. Win more money by winning the challenge. In Model Mania 2 you can now move on to the next fashion task, in which you will need to create the best outfit for a shopping spree at the mall. For the gym challenge buy comfy shoes and a chic outfit. In the dream date challenge you can pick an elegant dress, cute glitzy jewelry and a fun red purse. In Model Mania 2 you can be on the cover by completing the concert challenge, which is the last one. Enjoy Model Mania 2!