Modern Girl Daily Routine


It's pretty hard to be a modern day girl but someone has to do it and look pretty while doing it and you can 
be just that in this chic new game called Modern Girl Daily Routine. You need to have a healthy lifestyle, 
dress cute every time you go out and shop for clothes and do your make-up. Don't forget about all the hangouts 
at chic coffee places and parties. Being a modern day girl is hard and you know it. Through this game you can 
help this cute girl spend her day . Pick her food and be careful to choose something healthy. Do her make-up, 
because she wants to go out and while you are out shopping, pick some cute outfits for her. After you're 
ready, its time for a nice cup of coffee at one of the cutest places in town. Choose a coffee and a desert that 
you both like, and have fun. Today, you both are modern girls and you look cute!