Monifa's New Nails


Monifa is all about her nails and wants them to look perfect so she came to you to help her in this cute new game called Monifa’s New Nails! Monifa has places to be and she doesn’t have time to watch her nails. Even though she loves her nails she is a busy woman and she needs a little help. You being her best friend and a nail artist decide to help her with her beautiful nails. You can give her a superb manicure that everyone will see and wonder how you did it. All her friends will want you to do their nails after they will see Monifa’s nails. You will open a nail salon and everyone from the city will know you. Monifa will be so glad that you have a business and her nails will look awesome every day! Have fun playing this cute nail game and design the best nails you can by combining colors and different styles!